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Baltimore Ravens

The 2000-2001 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXXV ring has a raised gold Ravens head with a purple inlay in the center. It is raised over a bed of cubic zirconia crystal and along the top of the ring, the word "world" appears and raised gold letters. At the bottom "champions" appears, also in raised gold letters.


On one side, at the top cubic zirconia lines the top of the ring and below the date 2000 appears in raised gold letters and sprawls across the top. Centered over that is a raised gold design that reads "Super Bowl XXXV". Below that on either side is the winning score of the Ravens versus the Giants. Centered towards the bottom of the side is a design with a Super Bowl trophy popping out and it has a large Diamond-like gem as the head. Below that, a banner appears that reads “Invictus”.


On the opposite side the top is again lined with beautiful faux diamond crystals. Underneath the name Lewis, meaning Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens appears at the top. Below that in raised gold letters "set the standard" appears. Underneath that the Ravens Shield and Lewis's jersey number 52 appear and again the word "Invictus" appears on a raised gold Banner. The cubic zirconia lines the top along all of the rest of the sides as well.


The 2012-2013 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring features a silver look to it, along with gold accents. The center of the Ring features a raised Raven head with a gold letter B for Baltimore inside of it, also inside is a purple inlay. Behind it are two raised Super Bowl trophies covered in quality cubic zirconia. Everything else in the center is encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals and the top of the two trophies feature two larger Diamond-like crystals shaped like footballs. On one side of the face in raised silver lettering, "World" appears, while on the other side "Champions" appears, also in raised silver lettering.


On one side of the ring across the top, the year 2012 in raised gold lettering and cubic zirconia sprawl across. In the center is the Super Bowl trophy with a large football made of raised silver and diamond-like crystals. Underneath a banner which reads "Super Bowl", the lettering in lowered gloss lettering black and color. At the very bottom race silver lettering reading "XLVIII".


On the other side of the Ring, the name Flacco appears, representing Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens. At the center is a raised gold Ravens Shield which tops out the side of the ring. Along the sides of the shield the words "play like a raven" appear in raised silver lettering, while at the very bottom in raised silver lettering MVP appears.