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Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Ring

The Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Championship ring is a thing of beauty. The whole ring is encrusted with diamond-like jewels, but the face really stands out. On one side are the raised silver words “Stanley Cup” on one side and on the other the word “Champions”. In the decked out center is the Bruins logo over top a Stanley Cup trophy.

On one side, 2011 in raised Cubic Zirconia studded crystals stands out at the top. Through the center is a raised silver Stanley Cup trophy, also covered in faux diamond. Along the sides of the trophy is a list of significant dates for the bruins.

Thomas in raised silver lettering, in reference to Tim Thomas of the Bruins, tops one side of the ring. Sprinkled around the side are more cubic zirconia jewels. In the center is a Bruins logo in raised gold.