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Replica Championship Rings

Boston Celtics


The 1981 Celtics NBA Championship ring is gold with inlaid green accents on the face. The circular face is centered with a diamond-like jewel in the middle. Surrounded by an green border and outside of that are raised gold words reading NBA World Champions.  On one side raised letters read “Bird” for Larry Bird on a shield. Below that is a raised gold clover leaf  with green inlay and the letters XIV with the team name below that. On the other side raised gold once again reads 1981 with the NBA logo with a shield below that is engraved with the word “teamwork”.

The 1984 Celtics Championship ring is a beautiful gold ring with a diamond-like jewel in the center, Surrounded by an inlaid green clover. Around the face of the ring, the raised gold words Boston Celtics, World Champions frame the face of the the ring. On one side there is a team logo along with the raised name “Bird”.  There is a basketball and hoop and on the basketball the letters XV. At the bottom, a shield with the word “Pride”. On the other side is an NBA logo with the date 1984, and below another shield with the word “teamwork”.

The 1986 Celtics Championship ring is gold and has a diamond-like encrusted Larry O’Brien trophy in the center with a green inlay of a clover below it. Around the face edges the words Boston Celtics World Champions. On one side raised golf font reading 1986, an NBA logo with green accents and the word “teamwork” at the bottom. On the other side a combination of raised letters and designs include “Bird”, the team mascot and the number 16. Along with the word championships and also the word “Pride”.

The 2008 Celtics Championship ring is a gorgeous silver with a raised green clover surrounded by encrusted diamond-like jewels. At the top and bottom the words “World Champions:, on the sides a row of diamond-like jewels. On one side the name “Garnett” for Kevin Garnett. Below that a basketball and net, the Celtics logo and the NBA logo fill in the rest. On the other side raised letters read Banner 17 and below that 2008 with the Celtics team logo with green accent. At the bottom 66/16 and the word Ubuntu.