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Replica Championship Rings

Chicago Bears

The 1985 - 1986 Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX ring has a gold appearance. On its face around the sides, “Chicago Bears world champions” and the date 1985 appear. In the center diamond-like crystals cover the inside and blue inlay with a raised gold and cubic zirconia encrusted Chicago Bears emblem appear.


On one side of the ring “Bears” 46 “Patriots” 10 in raised gold letters appear on the top two sides. In the center, a cool design where a circle appears with the words “Super Bowl” above that “XX” appears on a gold Banner. In the bottom right corner the Super Bowl trophy appears. While next to that on the left a design in raised gold appears and below that the word “team” in raised gold appears.


On the other side, “Perry” appears in large raised gold letters across the top. Below that a Chicago Bears football helmet in raised gold, next to that 19 – 1. Below the helmet “GSH”, meaning George Stanley Halas Sr. appears and below that “attitude” in raised gold.