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Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Ring

The Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup Championship ring is an antique silver, The face is studded in cubic zirconia and really stands out. Along the top of the face, “Stanley Cup” appears in raised silver letters. Along the bottom of the face, “Champions” appears, also in raised silver lettering. In the center lies the team logo raised above a sea of diamond-like crystals. The logo also in turn has faux diamonds embedded in it.

On the inside of the face is an engraved Stanley cup, along with multiple scores from that season. On one side of the ring “Chicago” and the date 2015 appear at the top in raised silver lettering. Below are six Stanley Cup trophies signifying each Stanley Cup win for the Blackhawks. Each trophy is covered with more beautiful diamond-like crystals.

On the other side of the ring the name Toews appears, referencing team member Jonathan Toews. Below the name a cubic zirconia studded alternative Blackhawks logo appears. At the bottom, the number 19 appears, representing Jonathan Toews jersey number.

The Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup Championship ring is decked out with quality cubic zirconia crystals. Along one side of the ring the words “Stanley Cup” appear in silver raised lettering. Along the other side “Champions” appears, also in raised silver lettering. The center of the ring is decked out in look alike diamond, centered in a bed of those crystals is a Stanley Cup trophy with the team logo centered over top of it. Both are encrusted with cubic zirconia.

On one side of the ring the name Toews appears, meaning Jonathan Toews. Below that an alternative team logo appears in raised gold and again covered in crystals and with red and blue inlaid color as well. On the opposite side in all raised silver lettering, “Chicago Blackhawks appears at the top, centered belows a crystal studded Stanley Cup trophy. On either side of the trophy are scores from winning games and a banner flies behind that reads “One Goal”, completing this stunning ring.

The 2013 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship ring is another decked out ring. The face is loaded up with high quality cubic zirconia and at the top of the face in raised silver lettering the words “Stanley Cup” appear. Below that orange/red crystals surround the raised silver and crystal studded team logo. At the bottom, again in raised silver, the word “Champions” appears.

At the top of one side is the date 2013, Separated by a centered Stanley Cup trophy. On either side of that trophy appear two smaller Stanley Cups with significant team win dates above. All of these trophies are covered in high quality cubic zirconia.

The opposite side of the ring features the name “Toews”, signifying Jonathan Toews. Below is a raised gold alternative team logo, which also features a colorful red and blue inlay and more diamond-like crystals.