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Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Rings

The Chicago Avalanche 2001 Stanley Cup Championship ring is champaign gold and really stands out. Across the top of the ring, “Stanley Cup” in raised gold appears. Across the bottom, “Champions” appears, also in raised gold. In the beautiful center of the face, Faux diamonds cover the ring. Inlaid into them, also covered in crystals is the Avalanche logo. Behind it are deep red stones accented with blue colored cubic zirconia.

On the one side of the ring the name Bourque appears, meaning Ray Bourque. Below the Avalanche team logo appears, the numbers 52-16-10 on a banner, the number 77 representing Bourques jersey number and another banner that reads “teamwork”. All of these in raised gold.

The opposite side features the date 2001 across the top, followed by “2nd Stanley Cup”, the word “championship” on a banner, the NHL logo, three Stanley cup trophies and the word “defense” on a banner. All also in raised gold.

The 1996 Chicago Avalanche Stanley Cup Championship ring is a simpler design. It has a champaign gold look and the outer edge of the face is surrounded with raised gold letters and number which read “Stanley Cup Champions” and the date 1996. In the center the team logo appears and is encrusted with high-quality cubic zirconia. The logo rests in a bed of black gloss inlay.

On one side, Lamalfa appears at the top, a banner appears below that reads “It’s all about commitment” followed by a boxed design and raised gold letters that read “Ogden”. On the other side, “Colorado Avalanche Inaugural Season” appears in raised gold letters. Below, the winning scores that got them there are separated by a raised champaign gold Stanley Cup trophy, completing the look of this unique ring.