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Replica Championship Rings

Dallas Cowboys

The 1993 - 1994 Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl XXVII ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring itself features a raised gold look. On the face on either side, Dallas Cowboys appear lining each side. In the center, a blue inlay appears in the very center, with four large cubic zirconia crystals. A football-shaped pattern appears around the outside of those and raised gold and diamond-like gems.


On one side "world champions" in raised gold letters, appear across the top. Below that on either side are two Super Bowl trophies in raised gold. Centered in between those, the words "back to back" appear. Below that a design that reads "Super Bowl XXVII". The inlay behind all of that is a light green gloss color.


The name “Smith”, or Emmitt Smith tops the other side of the ring and below that, a red and blue inlaid NFL shield, also in raised gold appears. The number 22 appears at the very bottom, signifying the Emmitt Smith jersey number.


The 1971 - 1972 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl VI ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring itself features a diamond encrusted face. In the very center a large cubic zirconia appears and behind that, an inlaid blue colored Dallas Cowboys star which is in turn surrounded by cubic zirconia crystals. On the top in raised lettering, "Dallas Cowboys" appears. Around the edge of the face, "world champions" stands out in raised gold lettering and a black inlay.


On one side of the Ring Staubach appears at the top, meaning Rodger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys. Below that, a raised gold Dallas Cowboys helmet and below that, the number 12 appears, representing Staubach's jersey number.


On the opposite side of the ring at the top, separated by a raised gold Super Bowl trophy, the date 1971. Along either side of that, the words "Super Bowl" line either side up and down.


The 1992 - 1993 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXVII ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring itself features a football shaped center covered in cubic zirconia crystals. In the very center A large diamond-like Crystal appears, surrounded by a raised gold Dallas Cowboy star. On either side of the face, “Dallas Cowboys” appears in raised gold lettering with a black inlay.


On one side of the ring, “Aikman” appears at the top and raised gold letters, meaning Troy Aikman. On one side, the number 16 appears and on the other the number 3 just below the name. At the center of this ring and raised gold and inlaid blue and red, is the NFL logo. Below that, the number 8 signifying Aikman's jersey number.


On the opposite side the words “world champions” appear in raised gold lettering and below that 1992 separated by a rose in the center. The numbers 52-17 finish out this side of the ring in raised gold.


The 1995 - 1996 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring itself features the words “Dallas Cowboys” in raised gold lettering across the top and bottom. Two rows on either side of the face are encrusted with quality cubic zirconia crystals. The center is encrusted completely with these crystals and in the very center five large cubic zirconia crystals in the shape of the Dallas Cowboys star appear. Surrounding the star, are five football shapes which are made of the diamond-like crystals.


One side is topped with the name “Brown”, meaning Larry Brown of the Dallas Cowboys. Below that the NFL logo in raised gold with red and blue inlay. On either side of the logo appear two stars in raised gold. Below each star, the number 27 and the number 17, signifying the winning score. At the very bottom, the number 24 appears, which represents Larry Brown's jersey number.


On the other side of the ring, the words “world champions” appear and just below that the dates 71, 92, 95, 93 and 77 all appear over top of three Super Bowl trophies, which in turn have Diamond like crystals at the top of them in the shape of footballs. At the very bottom, a logo appears that says “Super Bowl XXX” in raised gold.


The 1977 - 1978 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII ring also comes with a wooden box. the ring features a gold look throughout. on the face in the center two blue and laid Dallas Cowboys stars appear with a large cubic zirconia in the center of each one. surrounding those in a raised gold Square a multitude of high-quality diamond-like crystals. around the outer edges the words “Dallas Cowboys world champions” appear.


On one side at the top left the word “Superbowl” appears in raised gold. on the other side on the top right, the number “XII” appears in raised gold. Below that, the date 1977 appears separated by the NFL Super Bowl trophy also in raised gold.


On the opposite side, the name “Martin” appears at the top underneath that, two stars appear on either side of the Ring. One star has the number 77 and the other has the number 78 inside of them. Below that, is a Dallas Cowboys helmet and  also the number 79 inside of the shape of Texas, all in raise gold.