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Denver Broncos

The 2015-2016 Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring itself features a gold and silver mixture throughout the ring. On the face, the words "world champions" appear at the top and bottom both in raised gold. In the center, high-quality cubic zirconias cover the entire face. The Denver Broncos horse head logo appears with inlay blue gloss color, also studded with red and clear cubic zirconia crystals. The mane of the horse is made of raised gold. Below that, three Super Bowl trophies appear encrusted diamond-like crystals. The football at the top of all three is made out of the same high-quality, diamond-like crystals. Centered behind that is the number 50 in raised gold.


One side at the top has a large bar of high-quality crystals. Below that, the team name "Denver Broncos" appears in raised silver underneath a banner that reads "this ones for Pat" in raised gold. A faux diamond-encrusted Super Bowl trophy appears with the date 2015 separated on either side.


At the top of the other side the same time diamond-like crystal in a box. Below that, the name "Miller" appears in silver lettering. A crown featuring high-quality cubic zirconia at the point of each tip of the crown, with a raised gold NFL logo appears in the center. at the bottom the number 58, signifying Von Miller's jersey number. This ring is also available with Peyton Manning's #18 jersey.


The 1998 - 1999 Denver Broncos Super Bowl ring comes with a wooden gift box. It has a gold look throughout. "World champions" appears with a gloss black inlay. At the center of the face, the Denver Broncos logo appears in raised silver and gold with a red and clear cubic zirconia crystals mixed throughout. Below that, the very same logo appears with the same crystals. Underneath, a sea of high-quality cubic zirconia crystals.


At the top of one side, a bar of diamond-like crystals appears at the top. The words "Denver Broncos" scroll across the top in raised gold lettering. Below that, two Super Bowl trophies appear, both of which have footballs made of large cubic zirconia crystals that stand out. On either side of those, the team names "Broncos" and "Falcons" appear with the winning scores underneath. Finishing out this side of the ring, a large design that reads "Super Bowl XXXII" with a banner below reading "back to back".


At the very top, a large bar of beautiful faux diamonds appears. "Elway", in raised gold, appears at the top of the other side of the ring. Elway standing for John Elway of the Denver Broncos. Below that, a crown appears with gorgeous cubic zirconia at the point of each tip of the crown. Centered in the crown the NFL logo also and raised gold. At the very bottom of this side, the number 7 appears, signifying the Elway jersey number.


The 1997 - 1998 Denver Broncos Super Bowl ring comes with a wooden box as well. Across the top and the bottom, the words "world champions" appear in raised gold. Either side of the face is encrusted with a line of cubic zirconia crystals. In the center, a sea of faux diamonds, the Denver Broncos logo in raised gold. The logo is made out of a mix of clear and red faux diamond.


One side of the ring reads "Denver Broncos" across the top. Centered below that, a Super Bowl trophy, which has a football-shaped, diamond-like crystal at the top. Below that, the numbers 31 and 24 separated by the trophy base. "Super Bowl XXXIII" appear on a logo at the very bottom.


"Davis" appears across the top of the other side meaning Tyrell Davis of the Denver Broncos. A crown appears below that with high-quality cubic zirconia at each point of the crown. The numbers 77, 86, 87 and 89 appear between each point. The number 30 appears at the bottom signifying the number of his jersey. On either side of the NFL logo that is raised in the center, the numbers sixteen and four appear. everything that appears on this side is in raised gold.

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