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Detroit Pistons



The 1989 Detroit Pistons Championship gold ring is a thing of beauty. With a Larry O’Brien trophy encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals and the Pistons logo set in blue and red behind it. “Detroit Pistons World Champions 1989” surrounds the outer face of the ring. There are raised gold letters and number that reads “Dumars”, 63/19 and the NBA logo with a red and blue background within the logo on one side of the ring. On the other side, “Bad Boys” stands out at the top. The score Det. 4,  L.A. 0, with a Pistons logo between them. At the bottom it reads, “The Palace”, followed by “Defense”.


The 1990 Detroit Pistons NBA Championship ring  is unique, with a large imitation diamond centered in a raised gold triangle and a red inlay behind. Surrounding that is a stunning raised gold border adorned with diamonds, and the words “Detroit Pistons World Champions 89/90” along the outer edge. On one side the words “Back to Back” appear at the top, signifying the teams back to back World Championship wins. Raised basketballs and hoops with the Detroit Pistons logo over them. The logo has a hint of red inlay as well. followed by 59/23. “Thomas” crowns the header of the other side, Det. 4, Port. 1, the winning score with a red and blue NBA logo in the center appears below that.  Hidden on the inside of this ring is a gold raised NBA logo adding to the beautiful craftsmanship. This ring is a must have for any Pistons fan.


The 2004 Detroit Pistons Championship ring is bright silver looking ring. It’s face is covered in artificial diamond and along the top and bottom are the words “2004 World Champions”. Pistons is written across a blue inlaid shield. Behind that is a Larry O’Brien trophy all laying in a bed of bright diamond-like jewels. On the side is the name “Billups” for Chauncey Billups, followed by “The Right Way” and three Larry O’Brien trophies topped with faux diamond. On the opposite side, “Detroit Going To Work” tops the ring, followed by the NBA logo with a red and blue inlay. Pistons 4, Lakers 1 on either side of the logo.