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Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Rings

The 1984 Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Championship ring is light yellow gold in color. The modest but eye-catching face of this ring reads “Edmonton Oilers”, the raised gold letters appear across the top and bottom. On the sides the year 1984 is etched into the gold face. In the center, a dark blue, almost black inlay fills the center, with an Oilers logo centered in it. The logo itself is covered in high quality cubic zirconia.

“Pocklington” appears engraved at the top of one side of the ring, representing Peter Pocklington. Below the team logo appears engraved. Engraved on the opposite side “Stanley Cup Championship” appears at the top. Below, a Stanley Cup trophy appears in the center. On either side are two banners with the scores that led them to their victory.

The 1985 Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Championship ring is a light gold color and across the top reads “Stanley Cup” at the face top. At the bottom “Champions” lines the bottom of the face. The center is decked out with high quality cubic zirconia crystals encrusted in a circular pattern. In the center a larger diamond-like crystal stands out, on the eye-catching face.

“Edmonton Oilers” and two Stanley Cup trophies which read 84 and 85 signifying their back to back wins, all in raised gold. “Pocklington” appears across the top, followed by an oilers logo and a banner that reads “Owner” at the very bottom, also in raised gold.

The Edmonton Oilers 1987 Stanley Cup Championship ring is a light gold color and at the top reads “Stanley Cup” followed by “Champions” at the bottom of the face, all in raised gold lettering. In the center is a beautiful collection of diamond-like crystals. Three large cubic zirconia crystals symbolize the Oilers most recent championships to date.

On one side, raised gold letter read “Oilers” and below that are three Stanley Cup trophies. All three have significant dates, 84, 85 and 87. On the opposite side, “Gretzky” or Wayne Gretzky tops the ring. Below the Oilers logo and the number 99 appear, finishing out this perfect ring.

The Edmonton Oilers 1988 Stanley Cup Championship ring is a light yellow gold color and the face reads “Stanley Cup Champions” along the top and bottom in raised gold. The date 1988 is split up to cover both sides of the face. The center has a unique design made of high quality cubic zirconia. Larger cut and smaller cut crystals appear mixed together filling in the face center.

One side of the ring has “Oilers” in raised gold letters across the top. Below are four Stanley Cup trophies with four significant dates on them. The dates that they had won the Stanley Cup over their teams history. “Gretzky” tops the other side, followed by the Oilers team logo. All in raised gold.

The 1990 Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Championship ring is gold in color and has raised gold letters that read “Stanley Cup Championship” across the top and bottom. The date 1990 is separated to each side of the face. In the center a bed of diamond-like crystals appear with five larger cubic zirconia crystals placed inside. The larger crystals represent the Oilers five championship wins.

On one side “Pocklington”, for Peter Pocklington appears at the top, below that the oilers symbol, followed by the date 1990, all in raised gold finish out this side. On the opposite side, “5 Stanley Cup Championships”, the Oilers vs Bruins winning score and a Stanley cup trophy all appear in raised gold, completing this one of a kind ring.