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Replica Championship Rings

Golden State Warriors


The 2015 Golden State Warriors Championship Ring prominently features a raised gold Bay Bridge with the number 30. Bay Bridge being the Golden State Warriors logo.  Encircled with a gold ring and below, in the center are a multitude of artificial diamonds under the logo. The diamond-like crystals also surround the rest of the ring face. 2015 Golden State Warriors, along with an NBA logo appear on one side in raised silver.  Curry is engraved along that same side. The opposite side features a Larry O’Brien trophy held by multiple hands sticks out with the words “World Champions”.  Blue imitation sapphires line the tip of the ring, just under the face as well, and the inside is even decked out with a large blue faux sapphire with a design around it, and the engraved words “just us”. A must have for any Golden State Warriors fan.


The 2017 Golden State Warriors Championship ring is another silver ring with the Golden State Warriors logo featured prominently on the front. The logo is a mix of gold and cubic zirconia crystals and has a Larry O’Brien trophy beneath it. Inlaid under all of that are faux diamonds. Together the sides read “World Champions”. On one side 15, 34, 5, 20, 01, 27 and 11, stand out at the top. The name Curry or Durant is engraved alongside of 2017, of which a W laid over the state of California in gold appear alongside the NBA logo, followed by 30. On the other side the numbers 22, 21, 30, 35, 23 and 93 appear, Warriors lines the outside of the inlay. Inside that inlay in gold the words “Strength in Numbers” appear. Below the numbers 67-15, 12-0 and 4-1 celebrate the Warriors regular season record, their Western Conference playoff record and their NBA Finals record.