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Green Bay Packers

The 2010-2011 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring features a face that is studded with diamond like crystals. At the top, two cubic zirconia crystal footballs appear in the corners and in between and in raised silver lettering the word “world” appears. At the bottom another set of cubic zirconia crystal footballs appear in the corners and the word “champions” in raised silver letters is set in between. The entire center is plastered with faux diamond crystals, a green inlay with a raised silver “G” which is that in turn encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals appears in the middle. The outer edge of the oval is red, all of this comes together to form the Green Bay Packers logo.


On one side of the ring at the top, a number of high quality diamond-like crystals appear. The name “Rogers”, standing for Aaron Rodgers appears at the top in raised silver lettering. Just below that the Super Bowl stadium in raised silver. At the very bottom the Rodgers jersey number 12 appears, with raised silver circle around it.


On the other side, the top is also encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals. Below, the team name “Packers” in raised silver lettering appears. Underneath the team name, a Super Bowl trophy in raised silver, finishes out this gorgeous ring.


The 1967 - 1968 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl II ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring itself features a gold look throughout. On the face “Green Bay Packers” appears in raised gold lettering, at the bottom “world champions”. A football shape center with a green inlay stands out. Centered in that inlay, is raised gold with three larger-sized cubic zirconia crystals.


At the top of one side a banner appears in raised gold with inlay text reading "Starr", representing Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers. Underneath in raised gold letters “NFL” appears on one side and “AFL” appears on the other side. Below the banner continues with the number 15, signifying Starrs jersey number.


On the opposite side at the top, on the left, “Green Bay - 21” and “Dallas - 17” appear on a banner, which also reads 1967. On the right side a banner appears that reads “Green Bay – 33” and “Oakland - 14”. Other dates appear below those and at the bottom it finishes out with a giant shield made of raised gold. The shield has embedded crowns that hold other significant dates inside. In the center the Green Bay football helmet.


The 1966-1967 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl I ring comes with a gift box. On the face of this unique gold ring, the words “World Champions, Green Bay Packers” encompass the face on the outer edge. Also the date 1966 appears separated on either side. In the center a raised gold football, with a very large high-quality cubic zirconia crystal in the dead center.


On one side "Starr" appears on a raised gold Banner. Below that, a Green Bay Packers helmet appears. Inside the raised gold helmet the dates 1961 and 1962 at the top. Below 1965 and 1966 appear. At the bottom on a raised gold oval, the number 15 signifying the Starr jersey number.


On the other side, a banner in the top left reads “Green Bay - 34” and “Dallas - 27”. On the right side at the top a banner reads “Green Bay-35” and “Kansas City-10”. Below that, a giant raised gold NFL logo appears with a crown just below that is also raised gold.


The 1996-1997 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI ring comes with a wooden gift box. The ring itself features a large square face, with dark black inlay. At the top “World” appears and in raised gold at the bottom “Champions”, also in raised gold. In the center a large raised gold Green Bay logo with gorgeous cubic zirconia is lining it.


One side of the ring reads “Favre”, meaning Brett Favre. A raised gold design appears below that and at the very bottom a raised gold number 4, signifying Brett Favre's jersey number.


The other side reads “Packers” across the top in raised gold lettering. Below that the date 1996 and below that the word “tradition appears, all over top of a black inlay.

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