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Replica Championship Rings

Houston Rockets


The 1994 Huston Rockets Championship ring comes with it’s own wooden gift box. The ring itself a bright gold design. On the face “World Champions”, along with the date 1994 surround the outside. The inside of the center is decked out with cubic zirconia crystals and the Houston Rockets logo. The logo is a mixture of red inlay and gold accents. “Olajuwon” tops one side of he ring and below that is the Larry O'Brien trophy, followed by the number 34 representing Hakeem Olajuwons jersey number.  Topping the other side are the words “Clutch City”  and below is the NBA logo with red and blue inside.


The 1995 Houston Rockets World Champions ring is a bright gold ring with replica diamonds all over the face. Front and center are two Larry O’Brien trophies which are both encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals. Surrounding those are  more faux diamonds. Around the outer edges of the ring the words “Rockets World Champions 1995”. “Olajuwon” in raised lettering tops one side and underneath a heart stands out, filling in the rest of this side. On the other side the words “Back 2 Back” top the ring, representing the Rockets back to back wins in 1994-1995. Below is an American flag with the NBA logo in the center and the logo has red and blue inlays. The ring also comes with a wooden gift box.

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