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Replica Championship Rings

Indianapolis Colts

The 2006 - 2007 Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI ring comes with a wooden gift box. On its face the words “world champions” appear across the top and the bottom. In the center, a sea of cubic zirconia crystals appear with a blue horseshoe signifying the Colts team logo. Inside the horseshoe, a Super Bowl trophy made entirely of cubic zirconia appears. Along both sides left and right, there are high quality diamond-like crystals placed in a row.


On one side the name “Anile” appears, meaning Dom Anile of the Colts. Below that the team logo appears in raised silver. Underneath that the words “scout” and “our time” appear at the bottom.


On the opposite side, “Indianapolis” appears at the top in raised silver. The Colts logo in the center appears with the numbers 29 and 17 separated by the logo. The dates 2006 and 2007 appear at the bottom in raised silver.


The 1970 - 1971 Baltimore Colts Super Bowl ring comes with a wooden gift box. The face of the ring reads “Baltimore Colts” in raised gold lettering at the top and “world champions” in raised gold lettering at the bottom. In the center a blue inlay appears with a Colts logo which is studded with diamond-like crystals lining the face of the logo. In the center a large high-quality cubic zirconium crystal.


On the other side, the date 1970 appears, separated by the Super Bowl trophy all in raised gold. Below the words “Super Bowl” appear in raised gold.


The 1958 - 1959 Baltimore Colts world championship ring features a wooden gift box. The face of the ring is rounded. Across the top “Baltimore Colts” appear in raised gold on either side of the ring. Towards the center, two blue crystals appear set in raised gold platforms. At the bottom, the words “world champions” appear in raised gold. Centered in the face of the ring, a diamond shape made of raised gold, with a circle made of raised gold, that has a large cubic zirconia crystal inside of it appears.


On one side of the ring, at the top, a banner appears that reads “QB” for quarterback, “Unitas”, for Johnny Unitas, and the number 19 also appear, representing the jersey number of Unitas. Below that, a raised gold Colts football helmet and below that “NFL” in raised gold lettering.


On the opposite side, the Colts logo appears and engraved on to the Horseshoe is the winning score of the Colts game against the Giants. Below the date 1958 appears in raised gold lettering. This entire side is filled in with black inlay.