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Replica Championship Rings

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs 1969 - 1970 Super Bowl IV ring comes with a wooden gift box. On the face of the ring the top reads “Kansas City Chiefs” in raised gold lettering. At the bottom, the words “world champions” appear in raised gold lettering. On either side of the ring, the date 1969 is separated by the design in the center. In the very center of the ring there's a gloss red inlay. Standing out from there, is a raised gold cubic zirconia encrusted Kansas City Chiefs logo.


On the top of one side a raised gold banner appears, on the banner it reads “Chiefs 23-7 Vikings” the winning score. Below that a design appears with a football at the top,  made of raised gold.


On the other side of the ring “McVeigh” appears at the top, in reference to Warren McVeigh of the Kansas City Chiefs. Below that, three dates appear at the points of a crown, 62,69 and 66. The crown itself reads “Chiefs 17” and “Raiders 7” with a football helmet in the center. A circular pattern with an “A” appears in raised gold, along with the word “conference”.