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Replica Championship Rings

Los Angeles Lakers


The 1980 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring is beautify crafted. On the face it reads “NBA World Champions” and has a raised basketball with an imitation diamond centered in it. On the one side it says “1980” in raised gold with an NBA logo in between 19 and 84. Below is a raised gold banner with the word “Teamwork” engraved into it. Inside the ring is an NBA logo. On the other side, “Johnson”, as in Magic Johnson tops the decor. Below, the Los Angeles Lakers logo with “123-102”. Underneath it all, is the famous Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy.


The 1982 Los Angeles Lakers Championship rings circular face reads “NBA World Champions”. In the very center is a large replica diamond surrounded by a black inlaid circle. On the inside of the ring is an NBA logo. On one side “1982” with an NBA logo between 19 and 82 and below that is a banner with the word “Teamwork” engraved on it. “Johnson” again tops this ring on the opposite side with the Los Angeles Lakers Logo underneath. “Play-Offs 12-2” placed next to the Larry O’Brien trophy fills in the bottom of this side.


The 1985 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring Is centered with black inlay and over top is the infamous Larry O’Brien trophy encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals. Surrounding the face “Los Angeles Lakers World Champions” in gold raised letters. “Abdul-Jabbar” heads one side, meaning Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Below that, “1985” with a large NBA logo with a purple inlay. “Purple Reign” tops of the other side, with the Los Angeles Lakers logo below. The Logo has a nice looking purple inlay as well. Finishing out this side is “LA 4 and BOS 2”, the final score in the series! This would definitely be a nice addition to any collection./


The 1987 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring is centered with a foil-like gold background, resting on top are five artificial diamonds. All of this surrounded by “World Champion Lakers 1987” in raised gold lettering. “Johnson” tops one side, “72, 82, 80 and 85” signify the teams wins up until 1985. The NBA logo with blue and red inlay in the center of the dates. Inside of the ring is another NBA logo. Atop the opposite side of the ring is “Drive for Five”, just underneath is the Los Angeles Lakers logo. Last but not least are the scores “LA 4 and BOS 2”.


The 1988 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring is a beautifully crafted ring. The center is a large artificial diamond. Surrounded by a purple inlay and just outside of that, multiple diamond-like crystals  surround. Around the outside of the face “World Champion Lakers 1998” stands out in raised gold letters. “Johnson” again tops one side, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers logo. The score “Lakers 4 and Pistons 3” finishes out the bottom half. “Back to Back” heads the opposite side signifying the 1987-1988 wins. Below “1987 and 1988” stand out with an NBA logo with red and blue inlay. Inside the ring is an NBA logo.


The 2000 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring is a really gorgeous ring. “World Champions” in bold letters stand out on the bottom and the top of the face. In the center “Lakers” appears standing out above a series of faux diamond crystals. Along each side of the face more diamond-like jewels line right and left side edges. “Bryant” as in Kobe Bryant, appear on one side. “87, 15, 16 and 8 “ with an NBA logo in the center appears next followed by “08” at the very bottom. “Bling King” and the date “2000” appear on the opposite side. In the center is the Larry O’Brien trophy, featuring a imitation diamond accent representing the ball.


The 2001 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring features to cubic zirconia crystal Larry O’Brien trophies centered on the face. “World Champions Lakers”, along with two more imitation diamonds encircles the outer edge of the ring. “Bryant” again tops one side of the ring, “15, 1, 58 and 26”, along with an NBA logo centered between the numbers follows. Standing out at the bottom is the number “8”.  The Los Angeles Lakers logo stands out on the other side, along with “Back 2 Back 2001” signifying their two back to back wins.


The 2002 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring is centered with a purple amethyst-like triangle, laid within a raised gold edge. Three cubic zirconia crystals and a number of smaller diamond-like crystals fill in the rest. “Lakers World Champions” stands out on three sides of the face and the bottom is studded with even more gorgeous crystals. “Bryant” sprawls across one side and the numbers “15, 58, 4 and 24” with a raised gold NBA logo in the center are just below. “08” finishes out that side, while on the other side the Los Angeles Lakers logo, followed by “Slam Dunk”. Just to the right of the the name “Chick” representing Chick Hearn, long time Los Angeles Lakers announcer appears next to a microphone. At the very bottom the  date “2002”. Inside the inscription “C & G” 2002” can be found.


The 2009 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring has a face covered and encrusted in cubic zirconia, in the center is the ever famous Larry O’Brien trophy with the team name “Lakers” over top of that. Both sides are studded in larger diamond-like crystals. The top and bottom together read “2009 World Champions”. “Bryant” sprawls across the top of one side and underneath is an engraved photo of Kobe. Below that are the numbers “65-17”, to illustrate their impressive game wins that year. Centered on the other side is “XV” with an NBA logo overlain over top of it. “4-14-34-2” lines the top and “4-1” finishes out the bottom.


The 2010 Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring is quite possibly one of the best looking rings in the collection. With a raised basketball made almost entirely of cubic zirconia and the Lakers brand across the front, this eye catching ring really sands out. On both sides of the ring face are Larry O’Brien trophies and around the upper and lower face edges are even more diamond-like crystals. Around the sides of the ring at the top are the dates “2009 and 2010”, and in between are loads of beautiful crystals.  The top on one side reads “4 OKC 2, 4 UTA 0, 4 PHX 8, 4 BOS 9”. Below “2010 World Champions” lines the top and bottom of a shield which reads “Lakers 83, Celtics 79”, with the NBA logo in the center. At the very bottom of that side “57 – 25”. Inside of the ring it is engraved with C & G 2010. Finally, on the other side is the name “Bryant” again with Kobes face and jersey number set in a black inlay above the words “Sweet Sixteen” as a celebration of the Laker’s 16th NBA title.

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