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Replica Championship Rings

Miami Dolphins

The 1973 - 1974 Miami Dolphins Super Bowl VII replica ring comes with a wooden gift box. On the face “Miami Dolphins world champion” surrounds the outside edge. On either side in between 72 and 73 appear in the center. A dark blue inlay appears with an oval shape design with two high-quality cubic zirconias inside, signifying the Dolphins back-to-back wins.


On one side “Csonka”, in reference to Larry Csonka of the Miami Dolphins. Centered below, the Miami Dolphins logo and the number 39, representing Csonkas jersey number.


At the top of the other side, the words Super Bowl” appear. Underneath that the two winning Super Bowl games appear in Roman numerals. Centered on this side is the NFL Super Bowl trophy in raised gold and along either side of the trophy are the winning scores from each year. At the very bottom the words “back to back” appear on a banner.


The 1972 – 1973 Miami Dolphins Super Bowl VIII ring comes with the wind gift box. On the face around outer edge, it reads “Miami Dolphins world champions” and a date 1972 separated to both sides of the face. In the center, a line of diamond-like crystals appear, lining the face just inside. In the very center, a blue gloss inlay appears. Raised out of that a gold circle, with a high quality cubic zirconia centered inside.


On one side is a raised gold Super Bowl trophy. On the top left of this side, the word “Super Bowl” appears. On the other side, the number of the Super Bowl game won. Two banners appear on either side of the trophy, one reads “Dolphins 14” and the other reads “Redskins 7”. Also separated by the trophy are the numbers 17 and 00. At the bottom a banner reads “perfect season”.


On the other side of the ring the name “Scott” appears in raised gold letters meaning Jake Scott. Below that the Miami Dolphins logo and a banner that reads “Winning Edge”, both and raised gold.