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Miami Heat



The 2006 Miami Heat NBA Championship ring is set in bright silver. In the center a Larry O’Brien trophy cast in gold stands out with its cubic zirconia crystal topper. Behind is a glossy black inlay, which in turn is surrounded by multiple diamond-like crystals. Around the face edge are the words “World Champions”, with even more of the crystals laid in between the two words. Around the upper edge of the the ring sides, there are even more beautiful faux diamonds lining the rings edge. One side reads “Miami Heat” and features the team logo with red inlay and the NBA logo. At the bottom the word “family”. Inside the ring is engraved with “C & G 2006”. On the other side “Wade is strong”, meaning Dwyane Wade tops the ring. There is more crystal studded decor below. At the bottom it reads “Faith 2006”.

The 2012 Miami Heat NBA Championship ring reads “World Champions” at the top and bottom. Centered is the Larry O’Brien trophy in gold with an imitation diamond topper. Beautifully surrounded by more cubic zirconia crystals once again. “James 2012” for LeBron James, followed by a circular list of player numbers just below. Over that is the Larry O’Brien trophy with a faux ruby jewel as the topper. Inside of the ring the inscription reads “C & G 2012”. On the other side “Miami Heat”, two Larry O’Brien trophies with cubic zirconia toppers. The NBA logo and the dates “’06 and ‘12” signifying their two most recent wins and the word “Family”, finish out this side of this well crafted ring.

The 2013 Miami Heat NBA Championship ring is silver and once again has a black inlay in the center. Popping out from that are two gold Larry O’Brien trophies, each topped with imitation diamonds, signifying their back to back wins in 2012 and 2013. Overlain across that in big raised silver letters is the team name “Heat”. The top and bottom read “World Champions” and in between is loaded with cubic zirconia crystals. Inside the ring it reads “Franchise Best Record 66-15”, below it reads “27- Game winning Streak”. “James 2013” is at the top of one side in raised silver. Below a circular design with the words “Back to Back” signifying the teams back to back wins in 2012 and 2013. Centered in that is a Larry O’Brien trophy, topped with a black onyx-like gem. On the other side of the ring, the Miami Heat logo, the NBA logo and three Larry O’Brien trophies each topped with imitation diamonds stand out. Below the dates “12 and 13”, along with the word “family” finish out this gorgeous ring.

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