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Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Rings

The Montreal Canadiens 1993 Stanley Cup Championship ring stands out with a gold finish. On the face is a border of multiple cubic zirconia crystals. In the center a raised silver Stanley Cup trophy stands out with faux diamond lining the face. At the bottom the date 1993 appears in raised gold.

On one side an intricate design appears in raised gold. Found within the design is a Stanley Cup trophy surrounded by “Canadiens de Montreal” and across the Stanley Cup trophy a banner appears with the teams founding day and the year of their win. At the bottom the number 24 appears followed by the word “together”. On the opposite side a colorful red team logo appears. Above the team logo the name “Roy” appears and below, the number 33 representing his jersey number.

The Montreal Canadiens 1986 Stanley Cup Championship ring features a gold finish and eye-popping face. At the top the words “Coupe Stanley Cup” appear in raised gold. At the bottom, “Champions” appear, also in raised gold lettering. The center of the face is a combination of raised gold and beautiful cubic zirconia, all coming together to form the Canadiens team logo.

One side features “Canadiens” in raised gold lettering, Below a raised gold Stanley Cup trophy appears with banners shooting off the sides. Centered in the trophy the number 23. Just below the NHL logo finishes out this side. On the opposite side “S. Savard” appears, referencing Serge Savard a team member. Below a colorful red Canadiens logo appears, followed by the number 18, all coming together to complete this beautiful ring.

The 1979 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Championship ring is gold in color and on the face and around the edges there are quality cubic zirconia crystals. In the center a raised gold Stanley Cup trophy appears. On either side 2 more diamond-like crystals appear equaling four in total. The dates 79 and 77 appear on the left and the dates 78 and 76 appear on the right. Significant dates in the teams winning history.

On one side 1979 appears in large raised gold. Below a shield reading “Coupe Stanley Cup” appears. On the other side, “Lafleur” meaning Guy Lafleur appears at the top. Followed by a large raised gold team logo. Below that “Ceub De Hockey Canadiens” appears, also in raised gold.