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New England Patriots

The 2016-2017 New England Patriots Super Bowl LI ring come to the wedding gift box.

The center of the face has a blue inlay. Above that rest five Super Bowl trophies all made of high-quality cubic zirconia crystals. Raised above that, a New England Patriots logo stands out with a red and blue inlay. On either side of the ring the words "world champions" appear in raised silver and diamond-like crystals appear around the face of the design.


One side of the ring has a black gloss inlay and everything that appears on that side is in raised silver. On the top left the abbreviation and “NE” for New England appears with the number 34 below it. At the top-right the abbreviation “ATL” with the number 28 appears below. Centered on this ring a circular Banner appears. In the middle of that is a Super Bowl trophy with the letters “LI” on either side of it. Below a raised silver bar that reads “Super Bowl” and underneath that 17-2.


Inside the ring, the words "we are all Patriots" are engraved, below that Robert Krafts signature appears and the date 2-3-2002. The words “greatest comeback ever” appear as well.


The other side also features of black gloss inlay with raised silver designs and lettering. At the top the name Brady appears, meaning Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. On the left “5 x MVP” appears separated by the date 2016 and then on the right, the number 12 in raised silver with diamond like crystals embedded inside, signifying the Brady Jersey number. At the very bottom the numbers 14, 04, 03, and 01 appear representing the prior Super Bowl wins that the Patriots celebrated with their fans.


The 2014-2015 New England Patriots Super Bowl ring comes with a high quality wooden gift box. The ring itself features and gold diamond encrusted face. Around the outside edges the words “world champions” appear.  In between those two words, a sea of diamond-like crystals appear. the center is comprised almost entirely of high-quality cubic zirconia crystals. 4 Super Bowl trophies made of those crystals appear with the Patriots logo raised above, which in turn features a red and blue gloss inlay.


At the top of one side the words “do your job” appear. Down the center Super Bowl trophy appears on either side is the winning score “NE 28, SEA 24”. Below the word Superbowl appears and the number XLIX, everything that appears on this side is in raised silver.


On the other side of the Ring the name Brady, meaning Tom Brady appear at the top. Below, a cubic zirconia Crystal studded number 12 appears, representing the Brady jersey number. 01, 03, and 04 appear alongside of that number. At the very bottom the date 2014. All of these appear in raised silver.


The 2004 2005 New England Patriots Super Bowl ring comes with a wooden box. The face is covered in diamond-like crystals of the highest quality. On one side the word “World” appears and on the opposite side the word “Champions” appears. In the center there are three football shaped trophy tops topping the three cubic zirconia encrusted NFL Super Bowl trophies. Raised out of the center a Patriots logo with diamond-like encrusted face and a red and blue inlay.


At the top of one side, the name Tom Brady appears. Below that the dates 01, 03, and 04 appear separated by a Patriots football helmet. At the very bottom the number 12 representing Tom Brady's jersey number.


On the other side, “Back to back” appears on a banner across the top. Below, “World Champions 2004”. Centered on this side a design that reads “Super Bowl XXIX” stands out. A Super Bowl trophy centered just below, separates the score “Patriots 24, Eagles 21”. Finishing out this ring a banner that reads “3-0 playoffs”.


2003-2004 New England Patriots ring comes with durable wooden gift box. On the face of the ring, the words world champions appear on either side. In the crystal encrusted center, two Super Bowl trophies appear made out of high quality Cubic zirconia. Raised at the bottom, a blue and red inlaid Patriots logo.


On the top of one side, "Tom Brady" appears. Below a few designs appear in raised silver, along with the words "undefeated at home".


On the opposite side at the top it reads "2-straight wins". In the top right corner, the date 2003 and centered in the middle of this side a banner reading "Super Bowl XXXVI". At the very bottom a raised silver Super Bowl trophy appears, separating the numbers 32 and 29.


The 2001-2002 New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI ring includes a durable wooden gift box. The face of the ring reads “World Champions” across the top and the bottom. In the center, a sea of high-quality cubic zirconia crystals appear. Placed over the top is a Super Bowl trophy made of diamond-like crystals. Standing out over that is a crystal encrusted Patriots logo, with a red and blue inlay.


One side reads “Tom Brady” at the top. Just below a raised silver Patriots helmet, along with the number 12 just below, representing the Brady team number.


The other side is topped with the date 2001, separated with “XXXVI”. Under this, a raised silver Super Bowl trophy appears, on either side the score “Pats 20, Rams 17” is separated by the trophy.