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Replica Championship Rings

New Orleans Saints

The 2009-2010 New Orleans Saints Super Bowl ring comes with a wooden gift box. At the top of this gold ring face, the word "world" appears. At the bottom, the word "champions". On each side of the face a line of faux diamonds appear. In the center, a bed of quality cubic zirconia fills in. Popping from those, the Saints logo made of gloss black inlay and even more diamond-like crystals.


"Saints Colts" tops one side, with the score 31 - 17. In the center "XLIV" appears. Over it, a banner that reads "Super Bowl", the two words separated by an end goal post with a football passing through. At the bottom 02, 07 and 10, followed by the location "Miami FL" underneath. At the very bottom the NFL shield. All of this is in raised gold.


The other side is topped with the name "Brees", meaning Drew Brees of the Saints. An assortment of designs appear in the center, the Saints logo and a Super Bowl trophy among them. At the bottom, the number 9, signifying the Brees Jersey number. Everything in raised gold.