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New York Giants

The 2011-2012 New York Giants Super Bowl ring has a nice wood gift box. The ring itself is silver in look. The face is loaded with high-quality cubic zirconium crystals centered at the bottom of the face "NY" made of raised silver and diamond-like crystals appears over a blue inlay. Four Super Bowl trophies rise from the top of that. Each trophy is made entirely of raised silver and are topped with football-shaped cubic zirconium crystals.


Surrounding the edge of the face, a line of beautiful blue faux gems appear. Under those the words "New York Giants, world champions" appear. They surround the lowest face edge and appear in raised silver, with a black gloss inlay.


One side reads Giants at the top while centered in the middle, erase silver Super Bowl trophy appears. On the other side of the trophy "NYC - 21" appears and "NE 17" appears. Below that a banner reading "Super Bowl" stands out. And finishing off this side the NFL logo made and raised silver.


"Manning" in raised silver lettering tops the other side. Manning, meaning Eli Manning of the Giants. A circular pattern that reads "New York Giants football", with the number 10 centered inside appears. The number 10 signifies the Manning jersey number.


The 1990-1991 New York Giants Super Bowl XXV ring has a sturdy wooden gift box. The ring features the word "Giants" at the face top in raised gold. At the bottom, "world champions", also in raised gold. Centered on the face a blue gloss inlay with two football shaped high-quality cubic zirconia crystals appear. Around the top and bottom of the design, a line of faux diamonds appear.


Two footballs appear on one side. One reads "XXI", while the other reads "XXV". Below "Giants-20" and "Bills - 19", followed by a design reason "Super Bowl XXV" stands out. All of this in raised gold.


The opposite side reads "Taylor" across the top, meaning Lawrence Taylor of the Giants. Below a Giants helmet and the number 56, representing the Taylor jersey number. Finishing out this side, a shield with 16 and 0 engraved in it. All of this in raised gold.


The 2007-2008 New York Giants Super Bowl ring comes with a nice wooden gift box. The ring has a silver look throughout. Across the top and bottom of the ring "world champions" appear in raised silver text. From side to side across the center, high-quality diamond-like crystals appear. Raised above a sea of cubic zirconia crystals, three raised silver NFL trophies appear. Each topped with a football-shaped faux diamond. Below the letters "NY" appear. Each letter studded with cubic zirconia crystals laid inside raised silver.


The score "NYG 17, NE 14" appears atop this side. A raised silver design that reads "Super Bowl XLII" just below. The dates 02, 03 and 08 fu is out this side.


"Manning" appears at the top of the opposite side, meaning Eli Manning of the New York Giants. "Eleven straight on the road" is just below the Manning name. A raised NFL logo is centered on this side, with the number 10, symbolizing Manning's team number.


The 1986-1987 New York Giants Super Bowl XXI ring has a wooden gift box for storage. The face appears with a gloss blue inlay at the center. Raised from the blue, a Super Bowl trophy made entirely of high-quality diamond-like crystals stands out. Around the outer edge of the face, "Giants, world champions" in raised gold. In the upper corners, the day 1986 is separated to either side.


"Simms", meaning Phil Simms in raised gold appears at the top of one side. A Giants football helmet centered in the middle of this side stands out. Just below, the number 11, signifying the Simms Jersey number.


39-20 tops the other side. Below and just to the bright, a Super Bowl trophy. Just beside that, a design appears that reads "Super Bowl XXI", finishing out this classic ring.