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New York Islanders

New York Islanders Stanley Cup Rings

The New York Islanders 1980 Stanley Cup Championship ring is light gold in color and along the side and top outer edges the words “Stanley Cup Champions” appear. At the bottom outer edge the date 1980 appears, all of these in raised gold. The center of the ring if filled with a nice looking blue inlay. Standing out above that, a diamond shaped high quality cubic zirconia crystal appears.

One entire side of the ring has a large raised NHL shield. Centered in that is a large raised gold Stanley Cup trophy. On the opposite side a banner appears that has the number 23, the name “Nstrom” for Bob Nstrom and “RW’ , signifying his player position all appear. Below in the center of this side an Islanders logo appears, finishing out this eye catching ring.

The New York islanders 1981 Stanley Cup Championship ring features a bright gold color. On the face, “Stanley Cup Champions” sprawls across the upper and lower outer edge of the face in raised gold. On either side of the ring the date 1981 is separated in half onto the both sides. In the center, the words “New York Islanders” appear, also appearing at the top and bottom of the inner face of the ring and also in raised gold lettering. Dead center is a blue inlay with two larger sized cubic zirconia crystals.

On one side of the ring “Trottier” appears at the top, meaning Bryan Trottier of the Islanders. Centered below is the Islanders logo which is in turn also in raised gold. On the opposite side a large raised gold NHL logo appears. Over that a raised gold Stanley Cup trophy appears. At the bottom, finishing out this ring is a shield that reads “NHL League Champions”.

The 1983 New York Islanders Stanley Cup Championship ring is light gold in color and on the face “Stanley Cup Champions” encompass the upper and lower outer edge of the face. The date 1983 appears separated on either side of the ring. In the center of this gorgeous ring, four large cubic zirconia of the finest quality appear in a bed of other smaller crystals, The four representing the four Stanley Cup wins that the Islanders had enjoyed.

On one side, “Islanders” is engraved into the top of the ring. Centered below are four raised gold Stanley Cup trophies. Below the trophies a banner that reads “Winners” appears, finishing out this side. The other side of the ring features the name “Smith” in etched lettering signifying Billy Smith of the Islanders. Below the Islanders logo appears, followed by the number 31, signifying the Smith jersey number.

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