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Replica Championship Rings

New York Jets

The New York Jets 1968-1969 Super Bowl ring includes a sturdy gift box. The ring itself features a gold look. On the face, across the top "New York Jets" appears in raised gold with a black inlay behind. In the center, a green inlay border shaped like an oval. Inside a raised gold and faux diamond studded design appears, while at the bottom, "World Champions" appears, also in raised gold with a black inlay behind.


At the top of one side, "Namath" is engraved on a raised gold banner. Namath meaning Joe Namath of the Jets. Below a Jets football helmet appears in raised gold, while at the bottom a gold oval with the number 12, in reference to the Namath Jersey number stands out.


The opposite side features a banner at the top that reads "Super Bowl" at the top and "Jets 16" on one side, "Colts 7" on the other. The letter "A" appears centered below, while under that an NFL logo stands out. On either side "Jets 27" and "Raiders 23" appear on small raised gold banners.