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Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Rings

The 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship ring features an antique silver and gold mixture. On the face raised gold letters stream across the outer sides reading “Stanley Cup Champions”. The center of the face is filled with quality cubic zirconia crystals. In the center of them appears a collection of black colored crystals which form the shape of the Stanley Cup trophy. Over top of the trophy a raised gold team logo appears with a mixture of inlaid black color, and orange colored cubic zirconia crystals.

On one side “Crosby” meaning Sidney Crosby of the Penguins. Crosby appears in raised gold. Below in raised sliver “Pittsburgh Penguins” appears. Finishing out this side the number 87 appears in raised gold with a black inlay.

The opposite side features the date 2017 in raised gold, the numbers separated by a Stanley Cup trophy which is centered on this side. The trophy is raised silver with quality cubic zirconia crystals encrusting the face. Overlain in silver lettering the words “Back To Back” appear. Four significant Stanly cup wins run along the side of the Stanley cup trophy as well. On the inner face of the ring an engraved NHL logo appears, finishing out this decked out ring.

The 2016 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship ring is a mixture of silver and gold throughout. On the face quality cubic zirconia crystals appear across the entirety. In raised gold lettering at the top and bottom, the words “Stanley Cup Champions” appear. In the center a circular pattern of diamond-like crystals appear with a raised team logo. The logo is a mixture of a gloss black inlay, along with raised gold and silver. Orange crystals also appear along the face of the logo.

On the inside of the face etched wording appears, along with the series winning scores that took the Penguins to the championship.

On one side, “Crosby” appears at the top in raised silver lettering. Crosby of course referencing Sidney Crosby of the Penguins. Below “Pittsburgh Penguins” appear in raised silver, followed by a raised silver, crystal studded number 87 signifying the Crosby jersey number. On the other side, the date 2016 and four crystal studded Stanley Cup trophies appear, all in raised silver. All of this coming together to complete the beautiful look of this high quality ring.

The 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship ring is silver and the face is covered in diamond-like high quality crystals. One side of the face, in raised silver letters the words “Stanley Cup” appear. On the other the word “Champions” appears, also in raised silver. The center is filled with cubic zirconia and centered in them is a Stanley Cup trophy that is made out of these crystals as well. Standing out over all of that in the center a raised Penguin logo appears. It is made up of gold and also black inlay.

On one side of the ring, three Stanley Cup trophies decked out in raised silver and diamond-like crystals appear, Above them the date 2009 sprawls across the top. On the other side of the ring, “Crosby” covers the top, for Sidney Crosby. Underneath the Crosby name colorful team logos appear, each with the Penguins winning score next to it, adding to the uniqueness of this high quality ring.

The 1992 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship ring is champaign gold colored. “Stanley Cup Champions” and the dates 91 and 92 cover the sides of the face in raised gold letters. Surround the inner center of the face is a row of cubic zirconia crystals. In the middle of those a gloss black inlay appears, with two large high quality crystals appearing in that. The two crystals represent the back to back wins.

“Trottier” appears at the top of one side in raised lettering. Below that the team logo appears, featuring a gloss black inlay. At the very bottom of this side we see Trottiers jersey number. The other side features two raised Stanley Cup trophies along with a banner that reads “Back to Back”, completing the awesome look of this ring.

The Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 Stanley Cup Championship ring is champaign gold and on the face “Stanley Cup Champions” and the date 1991 appear along the outside of the face. In the center a silver inlay lies behind the Penguins logo which is made of raised gold and gloss black inlay. In the center he logo a tear drop shaped cubic zirconia crystal appears.

On one side “Lemieux” runs along the top. Below a raised gold Stanley Cup trophy appears with the Lemieux jersey number 66 just below. On the other side “Pittsburgh Penguins” appear in raised gold, Pittsburgh across the top and Penguins across the bottom. In the center a Whales Cup trophy appears, with a banner behind that reads “Patrick Div” on one side and on the other “Whales Con”.