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Pittsburgh Steelers

The 2008-2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl ring has a quality wooden gift box. The gold look to the ring makes it look beautiful and eye-catching. The center of the oval shaped face is filled with faux diamond crystals, most smaller, but six larger sized crystals appear lining each side. In the center, the Steelers logo pops out in raised gold. Orange, yellow and blue inlay make up the logo design. Along the sides, "Pittsburgh Steelers, world champions" line the outer edge of the face. The lettering is done in raised gold with a black background.


On one side, "Pittsburgh 27" is placed in the top left. In the right corner, "Arizona 23" appears. In the center, a design which includes six Super Bowl trophies stands out. Below, 20 and 08 are separated by the Superbowl XLIII logo.


"Roethlisberger" tops the other side. A Steelers helmet and NFL logo take up the center. At the bottom, a number 7 appears, the Roethlisburger jersey number.


The Pittsburgh Steelers 2005-2006 Super Bowl ring has a sturdy wooden gift box for safe storage. The ring itself has a gold look. Across the top and bottom "Pittsburgh" in raised gold, while at Tue bottom "world champions" also appears. In the center, a gloss black inlay with five Super Bowl trophies appear. The trophies are made with high-quality cubic zirconia. In the center the Pittsburgh Steelers logo tops off the design. Made with a mix of diamond-like crystals and colorful gloss inlay.


One side is topped with the name "Hines Ward", flooded by the NFL logo just below. The Ward jersey number 86 finishes out this side.


"Steelers 21" and "Seahawks 10" top the other side. In the center, a design that reads "Super Bowl XL" is raised above the gloss black inlay that covers the background of this side.


The Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-1975 Super Bowl ring comes with a wooden hotbox. On the outer edge of this classic ring face, "Pittsburgh Steelers" appears at the top and bottom in raised gold. 1975 is engraved into the sides and separated by the center. Surrounding the inner face "world champions" in raised gold with black backing below. A gloss black center with a large diamond-like crystal finishes off the face.


"Harris", meaning Franco Harris of the Steelers appears engraved at the top of one side. The Steelers logo, also engraved is centered below. At the bottom the number 32 is engraved into the side.


"Super Bowl IX" and a Super Bowl trophy are engraved into the opposite side, finishing off this unique, classic ring.


The 1979-1980 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIV ring has a wooden gift box. "Pittsburgh, world champions" surrounds the putter face, along with the date 1979 raised in gold above a black inlay. In the center, a square loaded with gorgeous cubic zirconia crystals catches your eye. It features four larger diamond-like crystals.


The one side has "Steelers, Terry Bradshaw" in raised, but engraved lettering fill this side. Along with it, at the bottom, the number 12. 12 signifies the Bradshaw team number. All of this is set over a diamond grid pattern.


The opposite side reads "Super Bowl XIV", all engraved over a diamond grid pattern.


The 1978-1979 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIII ring includes a sturdy wooden gift box. "Pittsburgh Steelers, world champions" surrounds the gold ring face. In the center, a sea of faux diamond crystals fill in. The Pittsburgh Steelers logo pops out over top, one larger crystal rests inside each of the logos stars.


One side reads "Super Bowl XIII". The date 1978 offset on either side of a Super Bowl trophy. 35-31 at the bottom, finishes out this side.


"Bradshaw", meaning the famed Steelers quarterback tops this side. Centered below a Steelers helmet with the number twelve on it, signifying the Bradshaw jersey number. Finishing out this side the letters QB appear at the bottom.


The Pittsburgh Steelers 1975-1976 Super Bowl X ring had a well made wooden gift box. This gold colored ring features a classic look. "Pittsburgh Steelers" appear in raised gold separated on the top and bottom. Just below "Pittsburgh", the word "World" appears. Just above the word "Steelers", the word "Champions" appears. The date 1975 is separated to the left and right sides.  In the center, a raised gold Super Bowl trophy made from raised gold stands out. On either side of the trophy, two large cubic zirconia crystals shine.


"Harris", meaning Franco Harris of the Steelers appears atop this side of the ring. Just below, the Steelers logo. Both engraved into the gold.


"Super Bowl X" is engraved at the top of the other side. The Steelers alternate logo appearing at the bottom.