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San Antonio Spurs


The 1999 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship ring is set in silver. In the center is a black gloss inlay with the Spurs logo raised over top. The silver logo is in turn filled with cubic zirconia crystals making it really stand out on the face. The outer edge is framed with more imitation diamond. “Duncan” and “15 and 2”, along with an NBA logo with red and blue inlay, the dates “98 and 99” and the number “21” stand out on one side. Duncan meaning Tim Duncan. The numbers 15 and 2 both appear inside raised silver spurs. The other side reads “World Champions Spurs” at the top in raised silver and underneath is a Larry O’Brien trophy, a symbol of a hammer smashing “records” and a spur also appear below.

The 2003 San Antonio Spurs Championship ring features a cubic zirconia crystal studded face. In fact, the entire center is comprised of the diamond-like crystals. Inlaid in the center is the Spurs logo. The top and bottom read in bold letters “World Champions” and in between are more beautiful crystals on either side. “Duncan” again tops one side of the ring, followed by “60 and 22”. In the center of 60 and 22 is a raised silver NBA logo and the number “21” finishes out this side. “2003 Spurs” in raised silver appear on the opposite sides along with two raised silver Larry O’Brien trophies below, finishing out this side.

The 2005 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship ring is yet another crystal studded ring. The entire face is encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals. In the center is the famous Larry O’Brien trophy, topped with a large diamond-like crystal. Over that is a silver raised Spurs logo, the center inlaid with glossy black. “Duncan” tops one side followed by the winning score 4-3. In between the two scores is the NBA logo inlaid with red and blue. Below that the number 21, and engraved on a raised silver shield below that are the numbers “59-23”. The opposite side features the words “NBA Champions” at the top, followed by a hammer shattering “records” and the date “2005”, followed by “59-23” at the very bottom, engraved onto a shield.

The 2007 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship ring has a rounded off gold face. Covered in imitation diamond with the Spurs team logo in the center amongst it all. At the top and bottom the words “NBA Champions” appear in bold, raised gold letters. On one side “Duncan” appears at the top, along with the score “16-4” with the NBA logo in the center. Below is the number “21”. On the opposing side, the date “2007”, with a hammer smashing “records” with four cubic zirconia crystal’s placed inside.

The 2014 San Antonio Spurs World Championship ring is set in silver like many of the others. With a raised face studded in cubic zirconia crystals, centered in it is the Larry O’Brien trophy with the Spurs logo over top of it. The outer edge of the face is lined with larger imitation diamond and the top along all sides is also encrusted with the crystals. On one side “Duncan” appears again with the numbers “20 and 14” and the NBA logo is centered between in raised silver. Below is the number “21”. “NBA Champions appears on the opposite side, and below is a hammer smashing a “record” . Finishing off this gorgeous ring on the inside is an engraved Spurs logo, with the phrase “Good to Great “ beneath. This ring is a must own for any Spurs fan.