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San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers 1994-1995 Super Bowl XXIX ring offers a nice wooden gift box. The silver themed ring reads "Forty-Niners", across the top and bottom. The oval center is filled with faux diamonds. Five Super Bowl trophies comprised of larger cubic zirconia crystals run through the center. The date 1994 is separated between four corners, one number of the date in each corner.


One side has the San Francisco 49ers logo on the left in raised gold and red gloss. A diamond just next to that with gold, red and blue appears. It reads 75, with the NFL logo over top. Centered on this side a colorful Super Bowl XXIX logo. At the bottom on either side of that, the numbers 49 and 26. Finishing this side a raised gold football with the number 5 engraved into it.


"Young", meaning Steve Young of the 49ers tops the other side. Below, five Super Bowl trophies appear in raised gold. The bottom of the ring features the team name and finishing it out 16-3 at the very bottom.


The 1981-1982 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XVI ring includes a sturdy wooden gift box. This gold ring has the words "San Francisco, world champions lining the top and bottom of the face. All in raised gold lettering. Centered below, a football with diamond-like crystals lining the inside. One large crystal appears in the center. The date 1981 is separated and engraved on either side of the face.


The side of the ring shows a raised gold Golden Gate Bridge with a football over top. Below, reads "Super Bowl XVI". A smaller banner with 26-21 engraved on it finishes this side out.


"Montana", or Joe Montana tops the bother side. Just below a raised gold 49ers helmet. The bottom of this side reads "49ers", completing the look of this classic ring.


The 1989-1990 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIV ring includes a quality wooden gift box. The gold ring reads "Forty-Niners" across the sides. Also appearing along the edge are the dates 88, 89, 81 and 84. The face center features a football shape with diamond-like crystals filling it. Four large football shaped cubic zirconia stand out in the center.


"Rice" or Jerry Rice appears on top of the side. Below, four Super Bowl trophies intertwine with the Golden Gate Bridge. Finishing the bottom "San Francisco 17-2".


From left to right, the other side is topped with the date 88, followed by "back to back" and then the date 89. An emblem appears in the center reading "Super Bowl XXIV", finished in red and black inlay. At the bottom, 55-10.


The 1998-1989 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIII ring has a wooden gift box with it. "San Francisco, world champions" appear at the top and bottom of the face in raised gold lettering. A large oval appears in the center. The outer edge of the oval is lined with beautiful, high-quality cubic zirconia crystal. Three Super Bowl trophies made of crystals appear over top of a black gloss inlay.


"Montana" or Joe Montana tops one side. Below, a 49ers helmet made of raised gold and red inlay. Under the helmet, "San Francisco" and the date 1989 finish this side of the ring out.


"Team of the 80s" scrolls across the top of the opposite side. "XVI" and "XIX" appear, separated by three Super Bowl trophies. At the bottom of this side, a design appears that reads "Super Bowl XXIII", completing this side.


The 1984-1985 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XIX ring has a wooden gift box for storage. "World Champions" appears separated between the top and bottom of the outer edge. "San Francisco" appears, separated between the two sides of the outer edge. In the center of the face, a square design appears and it is filled with quality faux diamond crystals. Two raised gold Super Bowl trophies pop out of the center. Topped with two larger football shaped cubic zirconia crystals.


"XVI" and "XIX" separated by a design that reads "Super Bowl XIX" appear at the top. Below, a raised gold Golden Gate Bridge. "49ers-Miami” appear above the winning score, which is engraved on a raised gold banner. 38 - 16.


"Montana" along the of this side appears. In reference to Joe Montana, of the 49ers. Below, a 49ers helmet in raised gold, followed by the date 1984.