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Replica Championship Rings

Seattle Seahawks

The 2013-2014 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl ring has a well built wooden gift box. The rings itself is bright silver throughout. The face reads "world champions" across the top and bottom. The sides both have a line of beautiful cubic zirconia crystals. In the center, an NFL trophy comprised of raised silver and a faux diamond football topper stands out. Raised above it, the Seahawks logo stands out. Raised silver and white crystals line the inside. The eye is made of a blueish-green crystal.


On the inside of the ring, engravings appear that read "have no doubt", 24/7, "Sea 43 - Den 8". Below, "what's next?".


Around the entire top side of the ring, a line of gorgeous blue quality cubic zirconia crystals stand out.


One side "Wilson", meaning Russel Wilson appears. Below a raised silver design appears and the number three, representing the Wilson jersey number. Engraved below that, the numbers 16-3.


The other side reads "Seahawks" in raised silver tops this side. Below, the Seattle cityscape and a Super Bowl trophy rise up outbid a banner that says "Super Bowl". Underneath raised silver "XLVIII" shines. Finishing out this side. An NFL logo in raised silver and below that 2013 is engraved.

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