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Replica Championship Rings

Washington Redskins

The 1991-1992 Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI ring includes a wooden gift box. A square design loaded with gorgeous high-quality cubic zirconia crystals fills the center of the face. Angled through the center the Redskins logo appears. Made of inlaid gloss red and larger diamond-like crystals. The top left of the face reads "Washington Redskins". "World Champions" and the date 1991 appear in the bottom right corner. The outer edge filled with gloss black inlay.


"Rypien" for Mark Rypien tops one side. Below the numbers 11 and 08 are separated by three Super Bowl trophies. The footballs each have a different Super Bowl played by the Redskins. 17 and 2 finish out the bottom.


"Hail to the Redskins" streams across the top of this side. In the center, just below, a shield reading "Super Bowl XXVI" appears. On either side, the numbers 87 and 24 appear. The backing is black gloss inlay on this entire side.


The 1987-1988 Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXII ring offers a wooden gift box. The large square face of this gold ring reads "Washington Redskins" at the top in gold raised lettering. At the bottom of the face, "world champions" appear in raised gold lettering. Cubic zirconia crystals line each side of the face and also the center. Red-ish orange crystals surround a football shape in the center, which is loaded with sparkling white crystals. Two large crystals side because stand out.


A banner that reads "Hail to the Redskins" flies across the top is this side. A shield just below reads "Super Bowl XXII". At the bottom, a banner reads 42-10. All of this appears in raised gold over a black gloss inlay.


"D. Williams" appears on a raised gold banner at the top of the other side. A football helmet appears below. The number 17 appears at the very bottom on a smaller banner. This entire side is raised gold and has a black gloss inlay.


The 1982-1983 Washington Redskins Super Bowl XVII ring has a wooden gift box. This pure gold color ring features a bright red inlay in the center, shaped like a football. In the middle of that, a number of sparkling cubic zirconia crystals line the inside. A large diamond-like crystal stands out in the center. "Washington Redskins" sprawls across the top of the face. "World champions" fills the bottom of the face. Both in raised gold with black inlay behind. The date 1982 is separated and engraved into all four corners.


"Riggins" tops one side, meaning John Riggins of the Redskins. A Redskins hereto appears just below, along with the number 44. 44 is the Riggins jersey number.


"Super Bowl XVII" appears at the top of the other side. "Hail to the Redskins" just below, while under that the Redskins logo and a Super Bowl trophy appear. 27-17 shows at the very bottom. Everything is made in raised gold.